If you are thinking to do your DIY color hair at home then this is for you. If you do not have time to go to the salon, or you are saving up money and color box is your only option then take time to read this easy guide. We have laid down the tips on how you can easily be done colouring your hair at home.

Since you are no professional hairstylist and can't do any of these dip-dye, ombre hair, or balayage yourself. Kindly check the guidelines below on how you can manage colouring your hair at home.

Vibrant Colored Hair

Buy two boxes or three boxes depending on your hair length and thickness

You can easily estimate your hair thickness and length and depending on your choice of brand. We recommend for you to use two to three boxes to cover your full hair.

Do a Skin Test

If you pursue a DIY in colouring your hair, we strongly suggest that you do a skin test first. Apply a little patch of the formula in your skin, wait 2-3 minutes if there's an allergic reaction. If you're not suitable with the product, discontinue using it and look for another hypo-allergenic brand.

Protect your home surfaces and yourself from colourant

While you want a nice and vibrant colour for your hair, yet do not want to have a bright blonde colour for your carpet. You can put a scrub cloth on the floor in case some residues are falling from applying colour to your hair. Also, you can wrap a dark coloured towel on your shoulders to keep the skin from chemicals.

Cleaning and untangling the hair

Keep your hairline clean and untangle your hair

You don't wanna mess with your hairline, as hair colorants will take some days before it will completely come off. We suggest you use tape on the tip of your hairline or put some balm as it will not penetrate the colour in the skin area.

Keep in mind as well that you don't wanna mess with tangled hair as it is so hard to apply the products in the sections of your hair. Make sure to brush your hair as well and untangle it.

Section your hair

You may not be a professional in doing this but you can always choose where to apply colour first. We recommend sectioning your hair from the side, front, and back. That way you can easily manage to apply the colourant to your hair.

Use an oval mixing bowl and colour brush

Use an oval mixing bowl and a colour brush and squeeze the product for easier mixing. You can also use a clean toothbrush or a mascara wand if you want to put highlights on your hair.

Applying Hair Colourant

Start from the top and sections

Always start from the top to rightfully colour the roots. This area must penetrate the colour well and comb through the tip of the hair. After thoroughly applying the colour to the roots start checking the sections if the colours have also been distributed on those areas.

The thicker your hair the thinner you consider your sectioning that the dye can saturate the hair fully.

Follow the instructions in the box and set a timer

You don't want your hair to get ruined due to acid burn. Make sure you follow the steps in the box and set a timer when the dye should be rinse. Do not ever leave the dye overnight as this may cause skin irritation and can brittle your hair. A heat dryer can also help saturate the color for quick results.

Rinsing Hair thoroughly 

Rinsing your hair

Wash your hair and don't apply shampoo immediately after dyeing your hair, just plain water. Some products contain sulfate, and it may leach out the colour. If possible use warm, rinse your hair until the water comes clean. If you see dark dyes running the bathroom floor don't worry you did not ruin the process. It is natural because some colours may just fall off and this is just natural

Blow-dry your hair

Dry up your hair and use a dark towel as there could be some colour residue left. If you are happy with the results you can try recommending it to your friends. Style your hair as usual and if you want to recolor it wait at least 2-3 weeks.