Trimming a man's hair is relatively simple if you pay attention and take your time. It does not cost too much time to cut a man's hair. You can use hair-cutting scissors, electric clippers, or a combination of the two. Ask the man how short he wants his hair, how he likely wants it cut, and how he plans to make his hairstyle. Here the lists to consider in cutting a man's hair at home.

Make sure that you have plenty of time.

This can be a bit exciting to have a haircut done at home. Keep in mind that it is important not to be in a hurry when cutting hair, especially if you do not any experience in this field. Make sure you sit him in a sturdy chair so that you can focus on the edges or difficult to reached area. Also, before making a move be careful with sharp objects organized them first and keep the area clean and tidy.

Style guide for haircut

Choose a haircut that will suit the man's face

This is important for you to have a model haircut. Let the man choose his style and mirror it to the shape of his face. It is important for you to have a style guide or even just a model picture. You can consider a more dramatic hairstyles on men when he has a fuller head of hair. For thinner hair you can suggest conservative hairstyles.

Clean and detangle the hair

Shampooing and detangling are one of the most basic things to do in cutting men's hair. Make sure you clean it and make it wet for easier cutting. This should also give you an insight about how and where to cut. Comb hair in the desired style: some men prefer the part on the right side of the head, and other men prefer it down the middle of the head.

How to cut Men's hair at Home
Choosing the right clipper

Choosing the right clippers

This is one of the most basic tools in cutting men's hair, you have to look for a perfect clippers as this will shape the edges of the head to make it look sharper. You can use the clippers to trim the back and sides of the head, to clean up loose bits around the ears, or even to make entire head to a uniform in length. Your grip should be sturdy and steady, but comfortable. You don't need to squeeze or do anything with this clippers or else you might hurt someone.

Start clipping at the base of his head and run through his hair from the nape of his neck to about halfway to his head. Then, work it slowly around the head and cut small hairs on the ear level.

Start cutting the edges of the hair

Estimate the lining of the sides. Hair on the sides are usually thicker that at the back. You can use a thinning shear scissors this way you can control the fading effect on the sides of the hair. Still, you can use clippers if you don't have thinning shear the only goal is usually to push the line up and off the ears.

Next is to trim the bangs, lightly spritz the uncut hair. Comb the hair forward and create an imaginary line at which length you desire to cut. Trim the top and work on that imaginary line.

How to cut Men's hair at Home
Blending the cuts of the hair

Blend the cuts of the hair

Since you are already cutting the bangs, you already see the difference of hair length from the top. When cutting a new section of hair, strategized to use the just-cut section between your fingers so you can have it as a basis length guide. Continue sectioning and cutting the hair from front to back, to make it look flowing.

The golden rule in cutting men's hair is that "once you cut it, it's gone". Always estimate cutting because it will take time to grow it back.

Trim his sideburns and neck

Lastly, for the clean up try to trim his beard if he asks you and clear the sideburns and little hairs from the ears to the neckline. Comb one last time his hair and look over in case you have a missed spots. Also, carefully touch up any rough area and make any final touches to the cut as needed.