The absence of expert staff, transformation of educational plans as per market needs, accreditation of specific callings after work market investigation, use of double learning, formation of a technique with need areas that Kosovo has, and the utilization of functional work for understudies during the tutoring interaction were a portion of the major questions which were examined between CDBK agents and the Chairman of the Committee on Education, Science and Technology, Ardian Gola.

The Chairman of the CDBK Board, Sk├źnder Krasniqi, complimenting the Chairman of the Committee on his work, introduced the exercises and needs of the Chamber, accentuating that the absence of expert staff is making crafted by organizations more troublesome. Krasniqi, in addition to other things, focused on that there is a prompt need to expand collaboration among organizations and professional schools to make headings for which there is an absence of staff.